0808/0800 Inbound Cost Changes & SIP Channels

From 1st July, calls to 0808/0800 will be free of charge from mobiles as they currently are with landline. To offset this new cost, the mobile carriers have passed onto fixed carriers a Mobile Levy Fee of around £0.016ppm when a call to 0800/0808 originates from a Mobile. This charge is then added to the standard Inbound Service termination cost.

We expect a 65% cost increase for businesses using 0800/0808 numbers, which will more than likely cause large bill shock. As the networks have been slow to react and to advise customers. In order to remedy this cost hike we are proposing that 03 numbers are used as a replacement.

There has also been some recent talk about Openreach’s ISDN network becoming obsolete by 2020, as much of their network already runs on SIP. With greater broadband speeds and options available now, we are providing our customer with SIP channels over an Assured broadband connection 9 times out of 10. SIP channels provide resilience and disaster recovery options, multi site and free phone number solutions, fraud detection/prevention and all inclusive call charges to UK Landlines (01/02/03) and UK Mobiles for £12.50 per line per month.

Cost control and future technology! How does that compare with your ISDN line package?

Craig Jones Telecom and WiFi Consultant

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