The Free Tool To Prevent Ransomware

This handy piece of software allows you to block almost all ransomware - including the dreaded cryptolocker.


Ransomware Prevention, now for Free.


This invaluable piece of software, now given to the public for free, can clean up and prevent most malicious attacks that come in the form of ransomware. The "Cryptolocker Prevention Kit" was only given out to paying subscribers but now it's available to all. It is not something that can replace your anti-virus but it is a usefull addition to your PC's defences. The kit boasts an "article on cleaning up after infection but more importantly materials and instruction for deploying preventative block using software restriction policies". This means that if your computer gets infected by something that is trying to modify existing software it will be blocked from your machine and placed into quarantine.

The SMBKitchen Crew and Third Tier staff had origionally made this program only available to paying customers. But due to the rapid spread of the virus, the producers made it available to everyone. Click here for the download page.


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