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Cloud Migration Experts Oxford - Easily Migrate Your Company to Office 365 - Your Office In The Cloud

Bongo IT Are Office 365 & Cloud Consultants.

Bongo IT Have Completed Multiple Types Of Cloud Migrations Quickly And Efficiently.


What Do Bongo IT Do?


Educate you and your staff on the how's, why's, and when's; and help you to get an ROI in terms of productivity, not just a product.


For more in depth information please see our product page Office 365 Information


Bongo IT have helped organisations in Education, Retail, Charity/Not for Profit, and SME's unlock the power of the cloud. From a business of 1 to 22,000 people we are the go to consultants.


  • We will consult with you to help you decide on the package that suits you.
  • As part of this we might see the need to hold discovery seminars to get a more informed understanding of your business, and to educate your team leaders and/or staff on the benefits of Office 365.
  • Teach you the productivity benefits of using this cloud solution.
  • Train your staff on the best usage of MS 365


Implement Solutions


  • We will transfer any existing email you have onto the cloud. We will set up your computers to work with the new versions of the software.
  • If you have an office server we can transfer all your files to the cloud and decommission your old office business server.


NB: There should be no downtime however sometimes circumstances will not allow for this. In these rare cases we will minimise downtime by completing the migration during the evening or at the weekend.


Testimonial from one of our clients:

" I have recently switched (to Office 365) both the Charity I set up (The Nasio Trust) and my business (Expert Wealth management) with Bongo IT. In the process bongo IT have been excellent – Justin did both ours and his support was great – any issue that arose he dealt with them asap. My experience since switch is very positive – adding new devices / machines to the system is so easy now – whilst it is still early days I can see that we will save on IT support etc going forwards. We are already seeing the benefits of the remote working aspect and bring your own device benefits of office 365. I can also see me getting rid of a number of IT services we currently use to solve the remote working issue – for example – GOTOMYPC, GOTOMEETING, DropBox etc etc. There will be some incremental cost savings around." Jonathan Hunt.


What is Office 365?

  • Reliable - Microsoft hosted servers in secure datacentres
  • Secure - Encrypted email
  • Work from anywhere - login at portal.microsoft.com and have access to all your email and documents
  • Collaboration - Easily collaborate with colleagues, share documents and run business webinars

The Microsoft Office 365 Cloud is still a big unknown for many companies. So let's have a look at Office 365 itself and what benefits it holds for your business. Basically Office 365 is just like the Office that you know and love (we hope you love it!). There is a new look to the interface which is colour coded by Application but the layout is basically the same. As it is all connected to Microsoft's servers you gain reliability, business continuity as well as always knowing that your data can be backed up (some data must be backup up manually from your local computer) and your software is always on the latest version. As the data is in the cloud it enables easier remote working and access to files from any machine. In a nutshell this version of Office gives you peace of mind for your business and is highly capable it it's business functionality. 



Office 365 features all the standard Office applications such as:

  • Powerpoint.
  • Publisher.
  • Word.
  • Excel.
  • Sharepoint.  
  • OneDrive for Business (formerly Skydrive) is much like a business orientated version of Dropbox for storing and collaborating work documents. Using this tool you can backup, open, edit and share your documents.
  • Lync allows instant messaging, document sharing and webinars with your work colleagues. You can even invite up to 1000 people who don't have Lync to join your webinars. All your email is hosted on the Microsoft servers so there is no need to worry about downtime or backups of your email. It is a fast and reliable solution for your business.
  • Access.
  • Onenote.

FREE Office 365 & Lync Webinar Trial

For a free trial of Office 365 including Lync just contact us, we permanently run a live webinar which we can use to show you around the system, ask us for the link to it. Lync is an extremely powerful and cost effective way of running any professional webinar. There are many versions of Office 365 available so please contact us and let us guide you to the right solution. 


Contact us now and get your business onto the cloud.


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  • At Bongo IT, we know that technology is increasingly dominant and crucial to maintaining business performance and productivity.

    Organisations should make sure they are making the right IT decisions for their current needs, whilst also planning for the future with flexible and scalable solutions.

  • As a special offer, we are offering a FREE one hour consultation to address your current IT setup and recommend an effective strategy for your future requirements.

    Addressing issues such as computer hardware, broadband, data security, file sharing, compliance and more, we’ll help you build a plan and ensure you deploy the most cost-effective IT strategy for your company’s needs.



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