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A network is a means by which computers are able to communicate and share files with each other quickly and efficiently. A network will usually have a Wi-Fi capable firewall/router, a switch, and cabling. Depending on your business needs, a server can also be included. For more details please contact us

Yes we can - if we determine if you actually need this solution. We provide informed consultancy to help find you the right solution. Many on-line solutions now exist that remove the requirement for an on-premise server such as the new Microsoft Office 365 which is an excellent product. For more details please contact us

Yes, we provide a complete service to plan, purchase and install a network which is right for your business. From home office to multi-site/remote worker distributed solutions, we provide best in class hardware for your business. Please contact us

Yes, we provide off-site backup both for websites and on-premise servers. For more details contact us

We provide a data recovery service to recover data from physical media such as Hard Drives, SD Cards or smartphones. Our suggestion, however, is that you avoid such problems by always backing your data up regularly with our backup service, and where possible host important data in the cloud to avoid hardware failure. Please contact us for more details.

Yes, updates from companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and Sun are vital to ensure the security of your PCs. The best way to be confident updates are installing is with a network management system, please contact us for further information.

We are registered Dell partners and we can help you find the right solution for your business. From Laptops and Desktops to Servers we have you covered. We always recommend a 3 year hardware warranty with next day hardware replacement to minimise any downtime in the unlikely event of hardware failure. We can also support and maintain your systems remotely or on-site, and train you to use them effectively. Contact us for more information!

Yes we can. We would like to speak to you about your particular requirements. Some buildings have special requirements for Wi-Fi, possibly due to thick walls or enhanced network security requirements. Whatever the situation we have you covered Contact us

We can provide network-capable printers, and advise you on the network compatibility of all your existing hardware. Contact us

If you are backed up on a Cloud based system, about half a day. Otherwise, up to 5 days presuming funds are available for new equipment and you have a backup of your most important data. To make sure you are protected correctly against such events please Contact Us

Yes, DVR, Indoor, Outdoor, daytime, night time, Email alert on motion and much more. You can even have a feed straight to your phone or on your computer screen. For more info Contact Us

Email (Outlook), Document Storage (SharePoint), Instant messaging video and screen sharing (Teams), and much more! All hosted by Microsoft. Contact us for further details.

Yes, we would be happy to "just deal with it". We can come and talk to you about you IT requirements and help you plan for the future. Whn you are ready to go ahead, we can set up Office365, migrate all your email and files to the new platform, and show you how to use it all. Contact us for more details.

We will do everything we can to make sure your email is set up exactly the way you want it. There are a few options available and it depends whether you own the Domain name and have access to the Domain control panel. Otherwise, forwarding and migration of contacts may be the way forwards. For more details Contact us

  1. In a new message, on the Message tab, in the Include group, click Signature, and then click Signatures.
  2. On the E-mail Signature tab, in the Select signature to edit list, click the signature that you want to modify.
  3. In the Edit signature box, make your changes to the signature.
  4. To format the text, select the text, and then use the style and formatting buttons to select the options that you want. 

Note:   These options are not available if you use plain text as your message format.


Or contact us.

Yes, using Outlook stationary. Guides can be found online but we can do it for you and add your brands distinctive edge to your emails and associated materials. There is a guide on our blog also. Contact Us.

Microsoft's training courses for SharePoint start here We use SharePoint ourselves and we would be happy to talk you through the basics such as creating folders and uploading/downloading documents. For more info Contact Us

A Favicon, or FAVourites ICON, is visible on your browser's tabs, Smartphones, Windows 8 tiles, etc. and is compatible across a whole host of devices. Usually the company logo is used to create the Favicon Example. If you need one designing Contact us

Yes, we have created Russian and English dual language sites. The URLs are Unicode (appear in the native alphabet). This makes them more adaptable for search engine optimisation. We also provide language translation services and professional copy writing. Contact us.

We have extensive experience of product management and can help create you a customised future-proof system to display your products. We use Joomla!, K2, & Virtuemart as the Content Management System (CMS) and components to create your catalog. We can even then convert it into a store should you wish to start selling on line. For more information please contact us  

Yes 100% provided you have paid us in full. Files, Database, Domain Name and Content is all yours to keep, modify and update. We can even back it all up and encrypt it for you too. For more details please contact us

You can change hosts at any time, although we would recommend against doing so, as any support we provide related to your new hosting package will take longer and incur greater costs. We will also be unable to provide any SLA for your website. For more info please contact us

Yes it will. We have two options available, a custom design or a template website. Either can be customized to meet your needs however the template websites start at £350 +VAT and custom designs at £2000 +VAT. To get more depth information about your requirements please contact us

Yes you can. We provide 4 hours training and support with our basic web package. Updating your content is made easy by using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. For more details please contact us

Yes, the first year is free with our  £600 +VAT starter package. We will make sure it's the right domain for your business and website. Please contact us

The basic £600 website package allows you to backup your website to your computer manually. It is then a simple process to restore  from the most recent backup.

In the event of system failure you will lose any data entered after the last backup.

From £40 a year we will automatically backup your website(s), as frequently as every 24hrs if needed. Please contact us now.

Some of the templates we provide allow you to change styling and colour quickly and easily. There are also over 2,500 modules available which can be used to add all sorts of functionality to your site. You can download and install these yourself by reading Joomla! manuals or advice blogs, or we can do it for you. Don't forget to back up first! Minor changes are easy for us to affect so if you have forgotten to ask us to add, for instance, a blog component to the site don't worry we can create it for you, usually for no extra charge (depends on the modules you require). For major changes we charge £30 per hour plus the cost of any paid-for modules. We work on development sites (clones of your site) to track and show changes before anything goes live.  For more info contact us

Yes we can. We can design and build almost anything you can think of. If you want a site which is a game that allows users to win prizes of fluffy Meerkats, then lets go for it! For more info contact us

Yes, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin. We would need to consider what you are really trying to achieve to come up with the best solution for you. For more details contact us

We use simple and effective systems to ensure that your website can be found by your customers. Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is provided as part of our basic £1000+ VAT web package. More advanced research and optimisation is charged at a day rate of £350. We mostly work with the Google search engine to get you results however we can optimise for foreign search engines such as Yandex. For more info contact us

Yes we do.  In-depth SEO for your whole site starts at £350 per day (or £50 per hour), usually only 1 day is required depending on the size of the site. Submission to over 140 search engines and some directory sites on a monthly basis, including updates to your SEO as and when you need them, can be bought for £100 a month. For more info Contact Us

Yes we do. We use qualified editors with excellent writing skills who are "SEO aware". Up to 2000 words can be purchased for £200 +VAT. For more info Contact us

Yes we have modules available which will help you manage your email campaigns or do bulk mailing quickly and efficiently. If you need to entice your website users to sign up to your mailing list we can create sign up forms for you and integrate them into your website. For more info Contact Us

Yes we can build one for you. It could just be simple profile pages on an Community Interest site or a Business Partnership through to a full dating site with all the functionality you would expect from the major Social Networks. For more info Contact Us

Put simply a logo through to colour palettes, typography and all the applications you need. We help you discover whats different and special about your business and position you as the brand leader. Our prices vary depending on client requirements however we can get the basics done for as low as £450. For more info Contact us

We certainly can. We have in-house designers using industry standard software who can create adverts, posters, stationary to promote your brand. For more info Contact us

Yes we can. We can create custom designs and themes for brochures, posters and much more.  If you have existing pictures you want incorporated we can do that for you or we can help you purchase bespoke images from a reputable supplier. For more details Contact us

Yes, we work with a variety of different graphic designers to make sure you get exactly what you need. We also have excellent mechanical design and model design contacts we are happy to share so don't delay - Contact us today!

Yes, mainly Android and Windows Phone, due to openness and compatibility. We can help you get your email sent directly to you phone and help keep you connected with all your mobile devices. For more information Contact us

Yes, our Hosted and On-Premise solutions are Exchange Activesync compatible, allowing Email, Contact and Calendar synchronisation "over-the-air". For more details please Contact us

We can set you up with a number of your choice using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This is an online system which allows you to forward, receive, save and manage your incoming and outgoing calls. Forwarding costs may apply. To discuss what is right for you please Contact us

Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) your phone can be forwarded in any way that you wish. For example to another office phone for 5 rings and then onto an answering machine. Forwarding costs may apply. For more detail please Contact us

We can set you up with a system that handles all your calls in the way you want. From call forwarding and answering machines to multiple lines and integrated telephony displays. For a full solution we would use VoIP and a PBX. Forwarding costs may apply. For more details please Contact us

Yes, we will need to either install a PBX (server) on-premises, or use a hosted service to meet your requirements. We can set it all up for you and support you all the way. Interested? contact us for details.

The requirements for the plugin are:

  • Joomla 3.x
  • VirtueMart 3
  • SSL Certificate (Trusted or self-signed)
  • Payment method in VirtueMart must set order status to 'Confirmed' after a successful payment

When a Virtuemart order status changes to “confirmed”, the order is sent to Xero.

Transactions are fed into Xero as soon as the Virtuemart order status changes to “confirmed”. The length of time this change takes to occur depends on your payment processor, and can be from seconds to days.


  • At Bongo IT, we know that technology is increasingly dominant and crucial to maintaining business performance and productivity.

    Organisations should make sure they are making the right IT decisions for their current needs, whilst also planning for the future with flexible and scalable solutions.

  • As a special offer, we are offering a FREE one hour consultation to address your current IT setup and recommend an effective strategy for your future requirements.

    Addressing issues such as computer hardware, broadband, data security, file sharing, compliance and more, we’ll help you build a plan and ensure you deploy the most cost-effective IT strategy for your company’s needs.