IT Consultancy

Now you can get the best advice and value from IT to support your business needs, with best practice strategies and solutions to keep you protected and drive down the cost of IT.

At Bongo IT, we’ve worked with a wide range of SME businesses over the years and have found the following common issues:
  1. Most businesses only become aware of inherent issues with their IT systems when something goes wrong
  2. Most SME businesses don’t have an IT Director
  3. Most SME businesses don’t have a formal IT strategy (and often suffer the consequences)
  4. Many SME IT buying decisions are made reactively or impulsively
  5. Often, businesses engage with reactive IT support consultants, which leads to unsatisfactory service levels
  6. Many systems that SMEs spend money on are unnecessary or under-utilised, duplicating what they already have elsewhere
  7. A lack of training and consistent usage breeds inefficiency in the way employees use and value IT
  8. SME employees waste unproductive hours dealing with and talking about IT issues.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve taken a long, hard look at the way IT services and support are provided for SME businesses and believe there’s a better way that can reduce IT costs, increase resilience and transform the way IT requirements are managed on a day to day basis.

Most SME businesses have similar requirements, so IT doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, an IT strategy can be very simple, you just need to understand the core components.

Our IT consultancy services work with you to ensure that you are making the right IT decisions for your current needs, whilst also planning for the future with flexible and scalable solutions.

We believe every SME business should have a simple IT strategy that:
  • Makes clear decisions on products/services of choice for all IT software and hardware needs
  • Gives a clear pricing framework for all IT purchases and replacement cycles
  • Provides clear guidance on your company position for IT issues such as Security, GDPR, Data Protection, BYOD and so on.
  • Has a clear process for dealing with the IT requirements for new starters and leavers in your business
  • Ensures a clear IT support framework and service is in place to minimise downtime
  • Is issued to and understood by all employees so that processes can be easily followed
  • Is reviewed annually to address any new requirements.

We offer a FREE one hour consultation to address your current IT setup and recommend an effective strategy for your future requirements. Addressing all the issues above, we’ll help you build a plan and ensure you deploy the most cost-effective IT strategy for your company’s needs.

To find out more and book your free IT strategy session, please get in touch today.