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Computer Hardware

Smart solutions for regular computer hardware replacement with competitive sourcing of good quality equipment, keeping your business productive with the latest technology. All with next day delivery, installation and secure disposal of old equipment and data if needed.

Computer hardware can often be a contentious issue in any business, with no clear buying strategy, different replacement cycles and the inevitable challenges of device requirements, from desktop PCs to laptops, tablets, monitors, printers and more. Hardware buying decisions are often reactive, with many businesses losing productivity by keeping machines beyond their optimum usable lifespan and only replacing when they actually break down completely.

But it doesn’t need to be like that – at Bongo IT we have excellent buying relationships with a wide range of top manufacturers and can competitively source the right equipment for your business needs, complete with installation, set up and secure disposal of your old equipment. Just take a look at our online shop to find out more.

Have you ever considered renting your computer hardware?

Many businesses we work with are still using computer hardware that is over 10 years old, with old versions of software and extremely slow productivity, but can’t afford the expense of upgrading. At Bongo IT, we can provide smart solutions for hardware replacement with rental programmes where you can guarantee the very latest software and regular upgrades every 3 years, all for a simple monthly fee that won’t break the bank and will enable you to plan expenditure on technology much more efficiently.

To find out more about our range of computer hardware replacement options, please get in touch today.