As a first step in our relationship with a new customer we offer a free IT Strategy Review. The aim is to understand where the organisation is today and where it expects to be in the near and medium term as regards staff numbers and overall IT requirements. In all our conversations we offer advice and suggestions that can be easily understood by non-specialists.



Many IT Support businesses serving the SME and charity market have been established within the last twenty years and have had to adapt their approach and learn new skills at an unprecedented rate as the software industry has developed. We are now at a stage where there are clear winners of which Office 365 is the clearest example. We believe that most SMEs could benefit from effectively starting afresh with the way in which their IT needs are provided and supported.



We offer advice and support across the IT related areas that we believe are essential for over 85% of all SMEs:

  • Email and Microsoft Office products
  • Storage and protection of digital files
  • Cyber security
  • Website hosting
  • Telephony and web conferencing via VoIP
  • Broadband
  • Remote access
  • Hardware
  • IT consultancy