A Cost Effective Alternative To Lead Forensics

A Cost Effective Alternative To Lead Forensics

Do you want to know who is looking at your website?

of course you do! Lead generation is really important to you!

We have made this really easy to do with the help of the free analytics package PIWIK and a little plugin we made.

What is PIWIK?

PIWIK is an open analytics platform (like Google Analytics) currently used by individuals, companies and governments all around the globe. With Piwik, your data will always be yours unlike Google's version where they own your data. And should you wish to purchase your historical data it can cost a lot of money. Whether your site has a a lot of visitors or just a few, Piwik will help you collect and analyze information about your users. Track Key Performance Indicators such as visits, goal conversion rates (once set up correctly), downloads, keywords and a whole lot more.

How Do You Know Who Is Visiting The Website?

We have built a plugin that works with PIWIK to look up the IP address of visitors against a WHOIS record. This will give you varying amounts of data on the company. The bigger the company the more data you will likely get. Often you will get the telephone number, company name, company address, and maybe an email address too. This data can then be fed into your marketing activities as a new lead.

Sounds Amazing! How Much Does It Cost?

We just charge a flat fee of £50 pcm. This covers all the setup, support and training you need to get the most out of the plugin. So contact us to get it set up today for a 2 week no obligation free trial. 01865988217, option 2.

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