Creating Good Backlinks For Your Website

How To Create Good Backlinks To Your Website

There are only really a few ways to get good organic backlinks. Here's just a few to get you started but remember good backlinking takes time and a good deal of creativity.

  • Pay for them from a reputable advertising agent. I know obvious right! For instance if you have a holiday home then you might consider advertising on the Holiday Lettings website. Make sure you get a "do follow" link to your page. Find out the Page Rank (PR) of the page the link is coming from. PR 10 is the best and PR 0 isn't ranked at all.
  • Create awesome content and share it. Perhaps you can blog about your specialist subject, write a review, take part in a community discussion or answer a question for someone. If its good content you have a chance that others will link to it. To increase your chance of getting links share the news on your social networks, blogs, website...basically wherever you can interact with people.
  • Comment on this blog post and you will get a PR1 link to your site. If you feel like reciprocating that would be most appreciated.
  • Create a press release as part of your wider marketing strategy. Press releases don't have to be just for innovative or ground breaking news but you will need to aim the release at the attention of your audience. Try your local papers or radios and see if they will publish/air you. You can also get press releases published by PR professionals such as PR Web.
  • Contact web masters directly and ask for a reciprocal link. If you have traffic that's relevant to them then they should be interested.
  • That's all for now folks. Don't forget to leave a comment to get your quality backlink.

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    Saturday, 19 January 2019

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