Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Oxford Just Got Better

Bongo IT's SEO team are teaming up with Jen Haken, an experienced Oxford based copywriter.


SEO isn't a standalone activity. To create a good plan for SEO you need to look at the overall Content Strategy.


Here at Bongo IT we have become accustomed to taking a holistic approach to our clients approaches to digital marketing.


How have we helped clients?


  • We have broadened the horizons of many of our clients by teaching them about the plethora of ways to promote themselves online. This in turn has provided them with better, more magnetic sales experiences, more sales, more engaged clients and more brand awareness. 
  • increased Amazon sales by using the tools available in the Marketplace like fulfilment and bundles.
  • helped with Adwords campaigns get more clicks and visibility by making the website landing pages more effective, doing keyword research and by using a few little tricks we know of.
  • helped create traction with bloggers by using Twitter more effectively, this in turn creates content, backlinks to your website and boosts your SEO score. 
  • created content which attracts the search engines attention and gets your blog or website pages more views.
  • re-architechted websites to be more SEO friendly.
  • helped clients with their Direct Mailing (DM) campaigns both in terms of creating a "sign up magnet" on their website, driving clients to sign up, and creating the email campaign itself including the email templates.
  • got all our clients websites better indexed by Google (and other major search providers) making them more visible in the Search Engine Results Pages.


So get in touch now and see how we can help you.


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Saturday, 28 May 2022

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