Local Businesses Working Together Chippy2Win #GBHighstreet Awards

Local Businesses Working Together Chippy2Win #GBHighstreet Awards

Testing Our New Mimosa B5 Lites in Chipping Norton

It was sunny day in the Cotswolds, looking back on it probably the last sunny (and warm) day of the summer, and we had a job to do… Make The Internet Work! This project all started when a local social media management business owner contacted me on Facebook. He is one of the crowd we have often met at various networking events, and lives in my home town of Chipping Norton.


“Hi mate I need your Bongo skills We've just taken over the old Post Office building as our new ECN HQ for the next 6 weeks and we need to sort out internet connectivity so we can get folks voting on the High St competition”

After a few questions about the location and the surrounding buildings I suggest that if he knows someone that has line of sight (LOS) to the post office we could look at using a radio to get the connection in. As it happens Shaun had just had a similar sort of conversation with the Deli opposite and knows that he has fast fibre there so with a bit of ringing around we organise a day to go and do a survey. Good thing I live down the road from this one! With the survey complete and a plan in place we book an installation day.

The install goes well and we get the cabling run in record time. We then get the brand new Mimosa B5 Lites up on the brackets high above the street traffic to ensure LOS is kept. Positioning these radio is very easy, there is a tool that allows you to scan for the best signal strength and we simply move them around until we get the best signal. After a bit of tuning the radios go live very happily. The whole install takes us about 4 hours and at the post office end we put in a switch to ensure that 3 laptops can connect to the internet to enable the voting for the #GBHighSt Awards.

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“Thank you to the incredible Bongo IT for setting up high speed internet connectivity in our HQ. And of course, thanks to Delicacy Deli & Coffee Shop for letting us share their connection in the first place. A perfect example of local businesses and organisations working together for the greater community benefit”. Experience Chipping Norton

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Saturday, 28 May 2022

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