Microsoft To Release Files On-Demand For macOS

Microsoft To Release Files On-Demand For macOS

Microsoft are soon to release the latest version of OneDrive for macOS that provides, neigh enforces, Files-On Demand. This long awaited feature allows PC users to keep entire libraries in sync on their PC (from SharePoint or their OneDrive) without using up a load of storage space. Files are simply downloaded as and when they are needed. This does have a few interesting implications: 

1. If you forget that the place you are going to do your presentation does not have Wi-Fi you will be out of luck when you try and open the file. However, you can download that file/folder in advance, if you remember before you get to the deal breaking meeting that is.

2. When using On-Demand the files remain downloaded and cached, so over time you will start to use up disk space. That said it is easy enough to "free up space" with a right click on the file/folder.

3. If you have many large libraries to sync you may well see OneDrive using a lot of system resources as it continually checks everything. Selectively syncing just what you need may be the best option. 

Dropbox has a similar feature called "smart sync" that gives you the same level of flexibility. 


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