Should I use PC cleaning software?


There are certainly good reasons for keeping your PC/Laptop clean and up-to-date. You don't want software that doesn't receive updates, or is not correctly licensed (well, you may want hooky software, but you shouldn't of course!); software which will leave your computer exposed to infection. An unlocked door is rather easy to open, after all.

A clean computer is a fast computer, and we all appreciate a bit of speed these days, probably to make up for sitting/standing in so many queues. Keeping it clean will also reduce errors which will keep you from your work, or just plain annoy you.

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Resolving the OOBEEULA Setup Error


The OOBEEULA error sometimes occurs on startup following a machine reset and can be resolved by making changes to the device’s registry.

1.    At the blue OOBEEULA error screen press Shift + F10 keys together to bring up the command prompt window. Some machines might require the function (Fn) key to be pressed at the same time.

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Microsoft To Release Files On-Demand For macOS

Microsoft To Release Files On-Demand For macOS

Microsoft are soon to release the latest version of OneDrive for macOS that provides, neigh enforces, Files-On Demand. This long awaited feature allows PC users to keep entire libraries in sync on their PC (from SharePoint or their OneDrive) without using up a load of storage space. Files are simply downloaded as and when they are needed. This does have a few interesting implications: 

1. If you forget that the place you are going to do your presentation does not have Wi-Fi you will be out of luck when you try and open the file. However, you can download that file/folder in advance, if you remember before you get to the deal breaking meeting that is.

2. When using On-Demand the files remain downloaded and cached, so over time you will start to use up disk space. That said it is easy enough to "free up space" with a right click on the file/folder.

3. If you have many large libraries to sync you may well see OneDrive using a lot of system resources as it continually checks everything. Selectively syncing just what you need may be the best option. 

Dropbox has a similar feature called "smart sync" that gives you the same level of flexibility. 


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How to Spot a Scam or Phishing email


How to spot a scam or phishing email

Today, whilst we have benefited from advances in tech which mean that we have 24-hour access to our bank accounts at our fingertips, and use contactless payments for most transactions, digital breakthroughs such as these also sadly mean that there have been advances in the way that scammers and cyber criminals operate.

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What To Consider For Employees' Tech When They're Remote


Updating employees’ tech when they are working remotely

Post-2021 and its upheavals, it is thought that many of us may remain working from home for the foreseeable future, or that some will only venture back into the office part time. This works well for many people, but what should you be doing to keep your employees’ technology and software current so that they (and you) are able to work just as well at home as in the office?

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How can IT Support Employee Well-Being and Mental Health?


How can IT support employee well-being and mental health?

Given that the way we live our lives has drastically changed over the past year due to the global pandemic, it follows that this period of uncertainty will have taken its toll on employees’ well-being, as well as their mental health. Since we all spend much of our time working, it makes sense that employers have a responsibility toward their staff to help them feel secure, give them a sense of purpose and make their day go by smoothly, therefore contributing positively to their overall sense of well-being.

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How Else do Your Clients Use Your IT for Work Productivity?


How do your clients use your IT for work productivity?

Tech can both help and hinder work productivity.The distractions of smartphones and other devices are real, but IT can also be utilised by your clients and employees to get the most out of their working day. Here are ways to do just that.

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Tech Tools to Spark Watercooler Moments


Tech Tools to Spark Watercooler Moments

Are you up to date on the latest tools for your business? Here are three cool examples that you might want to discuss with your employees, whether in person or remotely.

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Hints and Tips for Hybrid Meetings


Hints and tips for hybrid meetings

Today, we may no longer expect all employees to work from the office. However, some will still want to, and some will need to. So, how can you hold productive meetings if half the team is working from home?

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What is a Disaster Recovery Plan and Why do you Need One?


What is a disaster recovery plan and why do you need one?

You can’t always prepare for unforeseen events in life (thanks, 2020 for making that abundantly clear!), but you can plan for them as a business. Putting a structured, documented disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place that protects your business from the impacts of major incidents will give you and your colleagues peace of mind and ensure that things run smoothly if something untoward were to happen.

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Online Learning & Network Security Concerns


Online Learning

What is Online Learning?

In the wake of the Corona Virus UK business quarantine, with many people working from home, school children having virtual classes, and many companies offering online options of their normal face-to-face events it’s important to be aware of the dangers of online learning.

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Broadband – What’s the Best Option?


Broadband – What’s the Best Option?

In these uncertain times where many businesses are now working remotely it is more important than ever to have superfast business broadband.

So, what is it?

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Online Security and Why You Need to Take it Seriously


Online Security and Why You Need to Take it Seriously

There is a lot of publicity about internet security and how very few of us are actually doing enough to keep our online identity and data safe. Let alone to meet GDPR standards.

Not opening attachments from unknown people, and not giving your bank details to international gold merchants who want to transfer £13m to your bank account just isn’t enough anymore, this is far too obvious and unsophisticated.

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The Ins and Outs of Website Hosting

Website-Hosting Website-Hosting

The Ins and Outs of Website Hosting

What is Webhosting?

Without a webhosting service provider your website will not be live on the internet. These providers are a little like estate agents - you are paying them ‘ground rent’ for your little bit of real estate on the internet.

Google and users much prefer that your website loads quickly so make sure you go with someone who has fast servers.

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Why you Should Outsource IT Consultancy and Support


Why you Should Outsource IT Consultancy and Support

When your IT systems are running smoothly, with no problems, error messages or viruses it is very tempting to pat yourself on the back for saving money by not using outsourced IT support services. You could use Bob on reception, Bob knows a bit about computers so he will sort it out...

However, what do you do when you have ransomware on your machine, and none of your files are accessible? Who do you turn to? Bob?

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Everything you Wanted to Know about VoIP Telephony


Everything you Wanted to Know about VoIP Telephony

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (AKA IP Telephony), and is a system for providing voice communication over the internet. This includes voice calls, video calls and multimedia/video sessions.

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Why Won't Everything Work Together? The Problems of Legacy Systems


Why Won't Everything Work Together? The Problems of Legacy Systems

Migrating from an old system to a newer version or even a different system can be a major headache, especially when old programmes and software refuse to work with the new system.

However, keeping old legacy systems in operation may seem like the easiest option but this is only a short-term solution and can end up having a negative effect on your business.

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Keep Connected While Working At A Distance


Keep Connected While Working at a Distance

As the COVID-19 crisis continues companies have had no choice but to set up their staff to work remotely. We need to adapt quickly or be left behind.

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How Cyber Essentials can protect business data

cyber_essentials Cyber Essentials

How Cyber Essentials can protect business data

One question all businesses face over the coming months is maintaining a level of security across all devices that access and use corporate data.

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Why Should I Migrate to MS Office 365?


Migrating to a new system doesn’t have to be a painful and stressful process. Although there may be a little inconvenience or downtime, inevitably the new system will be more efficient, and with more capability than the one you are using currently. This can help your business run more efficiently and gives you potential to grow.

So, what are the benefits of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 for business?

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