Online Learning & Network Security Concerns


Online Learning

What is Online Learning?

In the wake of the Corona Virus UK business quarantine, with many people working from home, school children having virtual classes, and many companies offering online options of their normal face-to-face events it’s important to be aware of the dangers of online learning.

There are two basic ways of offering an online learning option;

1. Streaming pre-recorded videos from a site like Vimeo or YouTube.

2. Streaming live classes through video conferencing software to delegates all over the world. It is the second option which is of potential concern to us here.

Why you Need a Reliable and Secure Network

Running online courses or training sessions is relatively straightforward, as all you need is video conference software like Zoom and an internet connection.

But what happens if your internet connection is not secure? That’s surely not a problem, right? Wrong.

Using an unsecured network for anything is a risk but using it for a prolonged period of time just extends the risk.

So, what is an unsecured network?

This is one of those really useful networks that doesn’t require a password or VPN to log in. Really convenient if you are out and about and need to access Google Maps, but in general these are best avoided at all costs.

Being an unsecured network isn’t the problem in itself. What is problematic is that any data being transferred across the network is unencrypted and therefore not secure. This means that it is available for anyone to see.

This means if you login to any other sites whilst on unsecured networks then hackers and cybercriminals are potentially able to see your login details and browsing habits, and essentially anything you type whilst online. And no doubt take notes.

Suddenly running a training session from an unsecure network may not seem so appealing, as all the delegates logging on may have their details stolen, any data you share or files you demonstrate are available for the cybercriminals of the world to do with what they will.

We’ve discussed what they have taken from you with the unsecured network – but what about the malware and ransomware they may leave in your system as a little gift. Something that can sit on your device for some time before activating and causing havoc or encrypting your files.

Staying Safe with Online Learning

On the whole, online learning is a great opportunity for both employers or employees and something we will all have to embrace in the coming months.

To ensure that it is as safe as possible whether taking or running an online session, ensure that you have a secured (password protected) internet connection (VPN), and adequate anti-virus software.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Bongo IT team about improving your computer and cyber security please give us a call.

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