Why businesses should switch to Bongo for IT support

As businesses grow and develop, failure with IT systems will inevitably occur and qualified assistance will be needed to fix the problems. Unfortunately, many IT support businesses are run by IT specialists who adopt a technical and/or quick fix approach which doesn’t help users to understand the core problems or provide a truly supportive service.


We believe that IT should be seen as a simple utility like water and electricity – inherently reliable and always ON, with added flexibility to grow and adapt as organisations change. At Bongo IT, we offer a set of core services through a simple menu-based approach, such as broadband, email, telephony and general IT support to name a few. We audit current requirements and provide a comprehensive IT Strategy Review, ensuring that customers clearly understand their requirements now and into the future, and only pay for the services they need.



As a business grows and changes over time it will, albeit unwittingly, create a serious of potentially critical areas within its IT networks of computers and other devices. Eventually and almost inevitably some small conflict within the network will cause a failure of some sort. When that failure happens the first instinctive reaction is to try to fix it internally. When that fails the next thought is to ask around for qualified help.

With luck someone will be able to recommend an IT support house that should be able to address the relevant issue(s).



Most IT support businesses are run by IT specialists who should be able to identify and offer solutions to the most commonly experienced problems. However, they often approach issues with a technical response and industry jargon which can be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

When problems occur, a company representative will hopefully make an impressive presentation of the business’s credentials and demonstrate knowledge of the likely causes of the issues and the most appropriate steps to take. However, when the proposal is sent, it will inevitably be presented in purely technical terms that are likely to have been put together from standard solutions used with other clients. Whilst this proposal may in fact address all the relevant issues and offer a solution for the current issue(s), it is quite possibly not addressing one or more fundamental problems that caused the failure in the first place. This highlights two major weaknesses shown by many IT support businesses:


  1. An unwillingness to take a proactive approach
  2. An inability to effectively explain the issues


Taken together, these two weaknesses in the typical approach taken by IT support businesses means that their support will continue to be offered in the form of crisis management rather than a truly supportive service.



Many IT Support businesses serving the SME and charity market have been established within the last twenty years. As the software industry has developed, they have had to adapt their approach and learn new skills at an unprecedented rate. We are now at a stage where there are clear software winners, of which Office 365 is the clearest example. We believe that most SMEs could benefit from effectively starting afresh with the way in which their IT needs are provided and supported. 



At Bongo IT, we believe that the creation of any long term solution lies in offering a set of core services that we believe are essential for over 85% of all SMEs through a simple menu based approach, including:


  • Microsoft Office products
  • Broadband
  • Email
  • Telephony
  • Data storage and security
  • Remote access
  • Computer hardware
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • IT Consultancy and general IT Support


As a first step in our relationship with a new customer we offer a free IT Strategy Review to understand where the organisation is today and where it expects to be in the near and medium term as regards staff numbers and overall IT requirements. In all our conversations we offer advice and suggestions that can be easily understood by non-specialists.

View the full white paper here:https://bongoit.co.uk/white-papers/why-switch-to-bongo.html​

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  • At Bongo IT, we know that technology is increasingly dominant and crucial to maintaining business performance and productivity.

    Organisations should make sure they are making the right IT decisions for their current needs, whilst also planning for the future with flexible and scalable solutions.

  • As a special offer, we are offering a FREE one hour consultation to address your current IT setup and recommend an effective strategy for your future requirements.

    Addressing issues such as computer hardware, broadband, data security, file sharing, compliance and more, we’ll help you build a plan and ensure you deploy the most cost-effective IT strategy for your company’s needs.