Anyone Can Check Their Own SEO Hotspots

But do you check?

Well I don't know about you but I'm always interested to see what trusty old Google (yes we probably can say that about Google now. It's pretty old and clearly here to stay!) has to say about our company. So I often (at least once a week) ask myself these questions:

Is the information I find about us today still relevant?

Is my brand up to date? 

Is my still audience looking for what I stand for?

Are other people on the internet talking about what I have to say?

What do you find if you type your company name into Google? Go on do it now and have a look at what comes up!

You might have articles, social media, video content, local business directory listings or much more/less. When I type Bongo IT into Google firstly I get our site's link and a description of our site from our home page, it's new so we are still working on our SEO but its there and it tells you part of what we are about :-)

This is the information about your company that other users see and that Google sees and logs. So... you have found one of your first SEO hot spots! I bet if you look further down the search results you will see your others too such as your Facebook Page, Pinterest, Twitter Feed, LinkedIn page etc etc. If you don't have those things then contact us now for more exposure!

At least one thing we all know (well many of us) about Google is that it likes content to be updated and refreshed; and that can give you better rankings and make your content more likely to show up in Google searches. So what can you do to add to, improve the hotspots you have found and...


help promote your brand? Here's some ideas:

Promo - Do you have a promotion/competition or event to talk about?

Core Info - Can you update the core company content and still get your message across?

Essential Info - Can you provide value content to your audience? 

Engage - Do you have a chance to engage with your audience, ask a question, thank someone or provide an answer? 

SEO - Are there search terms that you NEED to get into this SEO hotspot?

Mentions - Could you mention a business partner or associate and get a mention/link back? Backlinks are AWESOME!

Current News - It doesn't matter what it is about to some degree; but make it timely, relevant and interesting. Try just adding a link to an important and global topic to create on-going interest.

All these are important factors which you as the company owner, CEO, Director or brand promoter should be able to address and use to your advantage. This is all part of understanding your customers and promoting the right brand and image to them. Just our thoughts for the day anyway. Contact us now if you need to start planning your online strategy.



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