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Ok so this is my first social media post on our new site. This post assumes that you have a company page set up on Facebook, if not and you need help just let us know. By the way we are in the process of designing a much better looking site so expect to see updates over the coming months, I digress!

So where is the promote feature on Facebook (FB)?



So there it is. Right under your post on your Facebook page.


Why can't I see the promote tool?

Well if you can see the promote tool then you simply don't have enough followers. You need 400 followers to get this feature to appear. There is a way around this but lets just focus on the tool in this blog post.


OK so what does it do and why the heck do I want it?

This feature allows you to promote your post to a wider audience, namely the friends and friends of friends who follow you, woot! This gives you a better social reach as you can see from our picture where the estimated reach is between 140 and 260 for £4. Thats a lot better than if I were to post and only a few people would see see it in their feeds. That's because even though a user make like your page if they don't continue to like your posts you will stop appearing in their news feeds. You want to use this tool to gain traction with existing and new followers and revamp your Facebook presence. Simples (squeeks)!

I hope this post interests you, if it does please SHARE IT with your friends. If you have more questions then please contact us :-)

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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