Having A Bad Week? Have A Bit Of Fun...


Try Out These Deliciously Entertaining Google Easter Eggs


What Is An Easter Egg, Andrew?

Good question. An Easter Egg is not only a timely chocolate confection but also a hidden or secret area in a game or program, left there for us to stumble upon and amuse ourselves. Google has a few of these dotted around, and here's how to find them...

First you will need to open up google.co.uk, then type one of the following phrases and hit enter/search


  • "do a barrel roll"

  • "recursion"

  • "zerg rush"

  • "solitaire"

  • "sonic the hedgehog - and click on the hedgehog on the animated right hand side of the screen"

  • "mario bros - and click on the coin dispenser"

  • "festivus"

  • "flip a coin"

  • "roll a die"

  • "anagram"

  • "what sound does a dog make?"

  • "bacon number" - search for this after a celebrity’s name, and google will tell you exactly how many degrees of separation are between them, it's Kevin Bacons fault not ours!


other Easter Eggs are accessible from hidden links such as these:





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