How Do You Get A Blog?

How can I get a blog?....

....is a regularly asked question. Around 124,000,000 searches are done every month on Google to try and find out this information which struck me as an awful lot of searches for which there should be a really good answer. Thing is there are so many pieces of blog software out there now its difficult to know which one to pick if you are just starting out. Heres a few of the sites which you might want to use starting with the most popular...



It has to be said that for blogging Wordpress is right at the top of the list. Its free. Its dead simple to sign up for and really, really easy to start a blog within just a few clicks. The whole process is automated however it will give you some level of customisation over the look and feel of the blog site. Go here to check it out now Wordpress


This is a site I'm sure you will have heard of though perhaps not so much for blogging but for website creation. It really is a blogging site though and it will allow you to share information very easily from your photos to text, links music and video content. Its very easy to start a Tumblr account but for novice web users I think the interface is still a little clunky. Sign up here Tumblr


Joomla itself is a fully featured Content Management System (CMS), this is how we have set up our blog. This is a bit more advanced than just "type and press enter" as you can do with the first two. First up you would need to install Joomla and preferably download a nice free style/theme for your site, there are thousands of them to choose from. Many hosting providers will allow you to do a one click install of Joomla from your control panel (c-panel) but if your having issues just let us know. We use a module called Easyblog to create our posts which we installed into Joomla. This module allows you a great deal of control over your posts and will allow you to include mettadata (keywords/phrases). Joomla

Top Tips 

My top tip: Try them all out and find which one works for you, it wont take long. Follow other bloggers in that blogosphere and try to get guest posts on their pages which link back to your site from various keyword phrases you are optimising for, be careful not to use the same anchor text all the time. Don't spam!


Ok thats all for now, enjoy :-)

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