Tips On Optimising Your Facebook Business Page

This is a quick post on how to optimise your Facebook (FB) account for your business

I'm going to assume you have a Facebook account set up and that you have gone to Facebook Pages and created a page for your business or organisation. If not then that's where to start. Some quick information on Facebook that should interest you.

  • There are 300m photos posted every day
  • Circa 2.2 billion interactions a day
  • 1000 real fans can equal 185% increase in traffic to your website
  • 92% of professionals have had a customer from Facebook


Useful Tips On Optimising Your Facebook Profile... Finally! 



Optimise Your Foundation For Facebook Success


  • Brand it well! Use an inspiring and remarkable Facebook cover photo (851 x 315 pixels)
  • Use calls to action. For example as part of your design you could have a text box asking your fans a question
  • You could try including a fan/client of the week as part of cover photo
  • Change cover photos often and promote what you have going on right now
  • Have a sign up page, people are more likely to sign up in FB. Use Mailchimp if you don't have any coding skills. Add Mailchimp to FB
  • I'll mention it again: use your about section as an SEO hotspot. Include unique keyword text about your business
  • Include your website address in your SEO hotspot. It's prominent there and easy to click on


Graciously Grow A Fantastic Fanbase Of Lucrative Leads


  • Do you have your custom URL? You really should have something like facebook.com/companyname 
  • Is there a like box on your website? Can be considered better than link backs to your Facebook page as it keeps users on your site and creates a viral loop
  • Post consistently. You only need to post 2-5 times a day
  • Stagger posting times or look up peak traffic periods for your country and try posting during them
  • Use calls to action in your posts, easy to do and often forgotten. Go on try it now! 
  • Using 80 characters or less in you posts receives 27% more engagement than longer posts

Create Ongoing Engagement


  • Images work! Your fans must take action to get more of your posts seen in their timeline (Facebook engagement bar goes up)
  • You are 53% more likely to get likes for photos or pictures
  • Create an image strategy such as easy to digest photos or put a question in an image rather than in a post. Try showing a sneak peak into your life (your dog looking cute). Show that you are a human too
  • Ask for advice, keep it personal. ask for answers, let people see behind the scenes
  • Use a call to action in image posts
  • Turn your blog posts into images, post them and link them to your blog
  • Post videos

Turn Fans Into Profitable Super Fans


  • Spend a small amount of money and run a micro ad campaign
  • Run a few Facebook ads and see which ones get the highest CTR
  • Use promoted posts (you need 400 fans to get the button exposed). This sends your post to the timelines of friends and fans of friends


Hope thats all helpful! I'll be in touch again soon.

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