Key Issues for Organisations Without in House IT Expertise

All SMEs and smaller charities rely on technology for maintaining digital records and systems, but small businesses are unlikely to have ready access to in-house IT support to manage their requirements. As they don’t have the time or expertise to manage IT internally, they will look for external support, often being faced with complex and expensive answers that tie them into a contract, with no guarantee of reliability and often a need to spend even more!


We believe that IT should be seen as a simple utility like water and electricity – inherently reliable and always ON, with added flexibility to grow and adapt as organisations change. At Bongo IT, we offer a set of core services through a simple menu-based approach, such as broadband, email, telephony and general IT support to name a few. We audit current requirements and provide a comprehensive IT Strategy Review, ensuring that customers clearly understand their requirements now and into the future, and only pay for the services they need.



All SMEs and smaller charities rely on maintaining digital records and systems. The computers we use every day to create these files and the devices needed to store them have become everyday tools that we all now take for granted. As organisations grow, team members will need to be able to share and exchange information in a safe, managed, and secure manner. But, all too often basic IT housekeeping is overlooked, whether through poor communication with current IT providers or sheer expediency and/or ignorance.


According to latest statistics, there are 5.5 million micro businesses in the UK. Very few businesses of this size will have a budget for in house IT, suggesting that over 95% of UK businesses do not have ready access to in-house IT support.




When an organisation first looks for external IT support and advice, all too often the responses to simple requests such as email synchronisation or printing problems come back as very long, complex (and expensive) answers that will require signing up to an ongoing contract prior to any remedial work being done.


If you are lucky, the immediate problem will be solved and your organisation will receive clear, sensible and reliable support. On the other hand, it is equally likely that something else will go wrong that requires further investigation by the IT support team and, who knows, yet more investment in equipment and/or additional software.



As more and more organisations migrate towards a relatively small number of core software applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, and hardware become increasingly generic, we believe that IT should be seen as a simple utility like water and electricity - Inherently reliable and always ON.


We also believe that all IT systems and solutions should be inherently flexible, so they can grow and be adapted as the organisation changes over time.




At Bongo IT, we believe the majority of IT problems are a clear result of poor/incorrect setup from the beginning, and a break-fix attitude towards inherent issues. As additional staff and software systems are added to an organisation the applications become increasingly unreliable as conflicts between them multiply.


We offer a comprehensive IT Strategy Review, including an audit of current requirements and issues, to establish where the most important pain points lie. This is followed closely by a clear setting out of the likely future requirements over the next 12-18 months.


We then take the time to configure all machines and related devices to create a robust, scalable framework. For the added comfort of continuing protection and support we offer our 24/7/365 monitoring service.




At Bongo IT, we believe that the creation of any long term solution lies in offering a set of core services through a simple menu based approach, including:

  • Broadband
  • Email
  • Telephony
  • Computer hardware
  • Website maintenance
  • General IT Support


This has the major advantage of being immediately understandable to all customers and allows us to be flexible in providing the services only as and when they are required.

View the full white paper here: https://bongoit.co.uk/white-papers/key-issues-for-organisations-without-in-house-it-expertise.html

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