The Ins and Outs of Website Hosting

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The Ins and Outs of Website Hosting

What is Webhosting?

Without a webhosting service provider your website will not be live on the internet. These providers are a little like estate agents - you are paying them ‘ground rent’ for your little bit of real estate on the internet.

Google and users much prefer that your website loads quickly so make sure you go with someone who has fast servers.

These services will often require you to own the domain name before they can host it, and if you don’t already, they will offer to sell you one.

Most web hosting service providers also offer additional services such as email accounts, Joomla, WordPress support and FTP access.

Web hosting is a highly specialised service. It is often assumed that the host will also be able to update your website in terms of pictures/text you want to add, this is actually a seperate web development role so make sure you are clear about your needs.

Bongo IT cover all of these seperate aspects and are happy to talk to you in person about your webhosting needs.

Why do Domain Names Matter?

For small businesses, domain names are important. In fact, they are crucial to your business. There are various reasons for this;

• On the simplest level having a domain name (website) means you have an online presence, and no matter how misplaced the thinking, customers prefer companies to have a website rather than only social media presence. It adds credibility.

• Having a short, memorable domain name makes it easier for your customers to find you. Most people have a short attention span and if they can’t find you after the first or second try they may go elsewhere.

• A professional domain name makes your business look more credible. It shows you have gone through the trouble and (limited) expense to register your domain name which adds confidence. A professional name adds to the overall image your branding presents.

• It’s preferable to own your domain name so should you change your web hosting provider, you can take the name with you which will mean you won’t have to start a rebrand with a new domain name.

• To have your professional email address you need your own domain name. it provides a huge amount of credibility. Nothing is as bad as seeing a van signwritten with a gmail address used!

What to Look For in Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting Companies

There are a lot of website hosting companies available, so how do you know which will be the best web hosting provider for you and your business?

1) The first thing is to make sure they have a good reputation, so check out online reviews of the service.

2) It’s important that the service offers backup and security updates of the core Content Management System (CMS).

3) The service should offer at least 99% uptime. If, for whatever reason the website hosting provider’s servers are ‘down’ this means your website will be inaccessible too.

4) It’s important that the customer interface is easy for you to navigate.

5) If you already have a website and you want to migrate to a new webhosting service provider, you need to check with them that this is something they offer and if there are any associated costs.

If you would like to discuss any concerns you have with your current website hosting provider, or would like to talk about registering a new domain, the staff at Bongo IT are waiting to help you out.

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