How To Generate An App Password

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How To Make An App Password - Multi-factor Authentication

Generate App Password - Outlook Keeps Asking For A Password

Once 2 Factor Authorisation is turned on your Office Suite applications will (probably) start asking you to type in your password and verify it's really you once again. It is often the case that Outlook will be the first to not accept your normal password.

If Office Suite applications are not accepting your regular password try the following solution:

Go to https://portal.office.com and log in to your Office 365 account

At the top right of the landing page you will see your initials (or if you have added it, your photo/icon), click there

This drops down a menu, select My Account

From the tiles select Security & privacy - manage security and privacy

Click on Additional security verification

Choose Create and manage app passwords

Create yourself a new app password, call it any name you like.

Copy the new app pass code and paste it into the app which is asking for your password

Try it a few times if it doesn't take it the first time. In this instance repetition has been known to work.

Please see our quick video with naration if you are not able to follow these instructions, click here.

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